Advice on procurement and test setup for the National Real Estate Company

The Central Government Real Estate Company, operator of the largest and most diverse real estate portfolio in the Netherlands, will carry out a test to evaluate the effect of energy storage systems in practice. Four energy storage systems will be installed throughout 2018, at the former airbase Valkenburg (ZH). With these systems, the locally-generated wind and solar energy are stored for later use. “With several measures, the Central Government Real Estate Company reduces the use of energy. For example, by optimizing the use of efficient air conditioning systems in offices,” – RenĂ© Koeslag of the National Real Estate Company.

The project supervision is provided by the Rotterdam firm StoredEnergy, a company focusing on project management of energy storage projects. “We welcome the pioneering role that the Central Government Real Estate Company holds here and we are proud to be leading this project,” reports Rob den Exter, co-founder of StoredEnergy.

The storage systems use different techniques. In addition to the conventional lithium-ion batteries, the systems use recycled Lithium batteries and a battery-flow. “We have advised the Central Government Real Estate Company to test systems that are technically proven and commercially available. Moreover, we recommend systems that are easily scalable to the MWh range,” – Rob den Exter.

The test is expected to commence in July 2018. For one year, the four systems are tested for various performance charasteristics and functionality.