Education: study tour large-scale storage systems in Germany & England

In the spring of 2019, StoredEnergy will organize two study trips in which various large-scale energy storage projects in Germany and England will be visited. In these countries, several large-scale battery projects consisting of 20MW + have been developed, a development that will follow in the Netherlands.

The purpose of the two-day study trips is to get to know some of these example projects in an efficient way, and the way in which they have been realized. With these trips, we offer an insight into the future of our energy network, in which storage plays a crucial role.

The target group consists of a diverse mix of professionals, including generators of renewable energy, network operators, energy suppliers, (regional) governments, investors and researchers.

The cost of the trip is € 1,500 ex VAT. This includes travel by electric bus, accommodation, meals, documentation and visits to 5 locations. A guided tour and lecture will be held on location. Of course, there are extensive networking opportunities in between.

The study tour for Germany is planned in February 2019; the trip to England in April 2019. The maximum number of participants for both trips is 35. For registration or further questions, please contact