GIGA Storage: purchase guidance

In 2018  StoredEnergy acted as an adsivor in the roll out of GIGA Storage. Investor GIGA Storage invests in large-scale battery storage in Europe. Investments are being made in projects for both grid stability and optimization of energy supply. Batteries are installed at strategic locations in the electricity grid, such as transformer stations, wind- and solarparks. A minimum of 300MW installed power is foreseen in the next few years.

StoredEnergy shares GIGA Storage vision for the need of storage, and is proud to be one of the founding partners in it’s roll out. As an expert and connector of stakeholders, StoredEnergy assisted GIGA Storage in identifying and validating the business model. Consequently, StoredEnergy offered guidance in the request for proposals and evaluation of quotations from battery vendors. Finally, GIGA Storage was introduced to all relevant stakeholders, such as grid operators, energy producers and balancing service providers. All this helped to facilitate a jump-start of GIGA Storage’s operations.

Result is that GIGA Storage was ready by early 2019 to take it’s first important steps towards 300MW of installed power. The first batches are being prepared.