StoredEnergy winner of Innovation Challenge

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has selected StoredEnergy as winner of the ‘ Innovation Challenge energy neutral sport accomodations 2018’. On 20 November, the prize was granted by the General Director of Health, Angelique Berg and Chairman of the Topteam Sport, Harry van Dorenmale.

Sport accommodations often posses flat roofs. Ideal for solar panels, that generate energy throughout the day. However, demand for energy is often at night, when field lights are switched on. An energy storage system offers the solution for the mismatch in generation and use of energy. This will be increasingly relevant, when net metering will be phased out in the future. Hence, energy producers will receive a much lower fee for the energy they produce. On top of that, a storage system can reduce the grid costs for the connection with the DSO.

The prize will be used to purchase a storage system for a Rotterdam based tennis club. Consequently, StoredEnergy will run a year long test program to asses the impact for the club. Results will be shared with the Ministry, so it can evaluate to what extent energy storage is suitable for further roll out.